Sea Lavender

Tanz: Éva Fahidi, Emese Cuhorka
Choreografie: Réka Szabo

Éva tanzt. Reportage von Karin Steinberger.




“Intimacy means constantly keeping the other person informed about where you are in relation to them.”

(stumbled upon this by skipping through a newspaper. kept me thinking since.)



A love

like the Atlantic ocean.
Everything that counts lies beneath the surface. Sometimes I don’t know whether to keep my eyes closed or open. I tend to forget to breathe. Maybe I have become like the water, salty and solid – but only when moved too fast. At other times, I know I have to come up. In what states of aggregation do I count? There is no diffraction up here, except in the drops of water that are slowly drying on my skin. After all this time I ask myself where have we been?


“I had lost faith in predictable stories*.”


(*from What I loved by Siri Hustvedt)

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